All Pivot Charter School campuses wrapped up another successful semester on January 21, 2022, marking another semester of continued strides of organizational progress from both Pivot students and from Pivot program offerings. 

“Despite the setbacks COVID-19 has caused many schools and educational programs, Pivot continues to step up to the challenge of creating the most enriching learning environment possible,” said Pivot’s Executive Director Jayna Gaskell. “We are proud that we offer great, flexible programming and are continuously finding new opportunities for our students to stay connected to learning, whether in person or virtually.”

Pivot students and staff have all been welcomed back to Pivot’s physical sites for the traditional class and elective offerings. Additionally, the schools have expanded their online workshop program, including opportunities to learn and engage with credentialed teachers through course specific workshops and office hours. 

For the last five semesters, high school students enrolled at all of the four Pivot Charter Schools have been consistently earning more credits with each completed semester. Between Fall 2019 and Fall 2021, there has been a total increase of 12.2% of the percentage of students earning 25 or more credits in a full semester. During that time, Pivot has also seen an increase of 2.4 average credits earned during a full semester. Pivot is also on track to graduate more students this school year than ever before.

“It is really exciting to see our students back in the classroom and taking advantage of all of Pivot’s great resources,” said Pivot Director of Systems and Accountability Lindsey Vining. “I love working at Pivot because ECs get to work on such a personalized level with our students, regardless of whether we are learning online or in-person. But, it is particularly gratifying to work in-person with our students again to witness and celebrate their successes in a time where people have been more isolated.”

This school year is the first year Pivot will be offering Career and Technical Education Pathways at each school site with hands-on programs to allow students to get real experience in careers. While Pivot has always offered students Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes, we are excited about our CTE credentialed teachers creating our new Career Experience Pathways:  Business Design and Management, Plant and Soil Science, and Animal Science. 

As all campuses prepare to enter the Spring 2022 semester, Pivot will continue to celebrate the achievements of our students, our staff, and our organization as a whole. Pivot is incredibly proud of our accomplishments in 2021, and we are excited to bring this momentum and growth into the new semester and the new year.