Governing Board

Pivot Charter Schools are governed by the board of the Roads Education Organization, which is incorporated in the State of California as a non-profit, public benefit corporation, and has been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Roads Education Organization recruits qualified and appropriate candidates for the board from education, nonprofit, community, business, and legal organizations so that the current board is diverse in skill sets, perspectives, and backgrounds and can fully and responsibly govern the organization and schools while maintaining a unifying and passionate commitment to the vision and mission of the Pivot schools.

The Governing Board is responsible for oversight of the Pivot Charter Schools. While they do not engage in day to day operations, the Board hires, evaluates, and dismisses the Executive Director, who is responsible for running the schools. The Board is fully responsible for oversight of the fiscal and operational affairs of the schools including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Approve and monitor the implementation of general policies of the School.
  • Approve and monitor the School’s annual budget and budget revisions.
  • Hiring and evaluating the Executive Director.
  • Execute all applicable responsibilities provided for in the California Corporations Code.
  • Approve the school calendar and schedule of Board meetings.
  • Review requests for out of state or overnight field trips.
  • Participate in the dispute resolution procedure and complaint procedures when necessary.
  • Approve charter amendments as necessary and submit material revisions as necessary for Granting Agency consideration.
  • Approve annual fiscal audit and performance report.
  • Appoint an administrative panel or act as a hearing body and take action on recommended student expulsions.
  • Hiring of auditors.
  • Approval of check registry.
  • Strategic planning.


Mathematics Placement Policy

Mathematics Placement Policy for Entering 9th Grade Students

Homeless Education Policy

Pivot Charter School Homeless Education Policy

Suicide Prevention Policy

Pivot Charter School Youth Suicide Prevention Policy

EPA Reports

Pivot 2016 – 2017 EPA Expenditure Summary – Riverside
Pivot 2015 – 2016 EPA Expenditure Summary – Riverside
Pivot 2014 – 2015 EPA Expenditure Summary – Riverside
Pivot 2013 – 2014 EPA Expenditure Summary – Riverside

SARC Reports

Pivot 2015 School Accountability Report Card (CDE) – Riverside

Notices of Public Hearings

2017-18 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)
2016-17 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

The California Department of Education (“CDE”) has requested that local educational agencies throughout the State post the following link to CDE’s website to provide parents notice of the disclosure of student records pursuant to a Court Order issued in a lawsuit filed by the Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Association and the Concerned Parent Association against the CDE. (Case No. 2:11-cv-3471-KJM-AC).  The CDE website provides a Notice for your review and an Objection Form should you wish to object to the disclosure of your child’s personally identifiable information.

If you have any questions please visit CDE’s website at or contact CDE at (916) 319-0800.

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