Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pivot Charter Schools accredited?
Yes. Pivot Charter Schools are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
Will I attend a graduation ceremony?
Pivot Charter School students will graduate in a special ceremony with their fellow students enrolled in the school.
How does blended learning work?
Because all of our courses are delivered through an online platform, the student’s class schedule can be flexible; class begins when the student logs in online or comes to the Pivot resource center and ends when the student logs out or leaves. The online curriculum is rigorous, engaging, and self-paced. All of our courses are backed by our highly qualified staff of California-credentialed teachers who are available via instant message, phone, email, or at our local resource center.
When do I attend class?
Just as in a traditional school, students must engage in their coursework regularly and show weekly progress. Students may log in to their courses any time of the day or evening. Failure to attend courses regularly may result in withdrawal from the program. To remain in good standing in independent study a student must submit 5 assignments every school day and receive a passing grad in each. Students can submit those assignments while working at the Pivot resource center or at home.
How quickly can I move through the course?
Some students choose to work on only one or two courses at a time. Others choose to open all high school courses for an entire semester. Families will work with their local teachers to make the appropriate decision that will lead to every student being successful in their academic endeavors.
Can I take classes part-time and still be a part of Pivot Charter School?
No. A CA public school student may not be enrolled in a school part time or in two different schools at one time.
Who chooses my courses?
Courses that a student is required to take are dependent on the student’s prior transcript and progress towards graduation. Transcripts are reviewed by our school staff and course selection is handled as a partnership between the family and the school staff.
Is blended or online learning for me?
The flexibility of blended and online learning adds a unique level of responsibility. To succeed, a student must be a self-directed learner, sufficiently self-motivated to manage their own learning schedule, and must have a basic grasp of Internet navigation.
Are there any age restrictions?
Yes, if a student is over the age of 18, they have to have been enrolled in a public school without a break and making satisfactory progress towards a high school diploma AND are not over the age of 22. Some other restrictions may apply.
What grade levels do Pivot Charter Schools serve?
Pivot Charter School Riverside serves students in grades TK-12.
Does it matter where I live?
Yes, Pivot Charter Schools may only provide educational services to students who live in counties contiguous to the county in which they are authorized.For a complete list of these counties, click here.

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