Part of what distinguishes Pivot from other schools are the opportunities built into our programming for our students to take control of their own education. In the spirit of empowering students to discover their passions and forge their future paths, Pivot is now offering concurrent enrollment partnerships, granting the State Seal of biliteracy, and, at select campuses, administering standardized testing such as AP, SAT, and ACT examinations.

Concurrent enrollment allows a student to take a class at their local junior college and earn both college credit and high school credit. Pivot has strengthened partnerships with local community colleges to expand access to free concurrent enrollment programs and courses in all Pivot locations. Not only is this a great way to earn college credit while still in high school, but it also allows students to explore potential areas of interests and future career paths.

Pivot has also introduced new opportunities for students to prepare and demonstrate readiness for college, including the implementation of the State Seal of Biliteracy to all Pivot Charter Schools. The State Seal of Biliteracy, marked by a gold seal on one’s diploma, recognizes high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing one or more languages in addition to English.

Pivot campuses have also undergone ongoing efforts to become certified to administer and receive scores for AP, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and ACT examinations. Pivot Riverside became the first Pivot campus to become certified in April 2022. AP tests allow students to gain college credit for high school course work in an AP subject area if they receive a passing score on the exam, and the PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests are often recommended by colleges and universities to demonstrate college readiness.

“The flexibility and support Pivot offers to our students to help them navigate their future is one of our greatest strengths,” said Lindsey Vining, Pivot’s Director of Systems and Accountability. “Securing these programs and partnerships to give our students even more options to gain college and career experience while learning at Pivot is really exciting, and it aligns perfectly with our mission to help students struggle less and learn more.”

The new concurrent enrollment programs and partnerships allow students to gain work experience and employment opportunities or to concurrently earn college credits while enrolled at Pivot. Programs vary by Pivot campus, but opportunities range from paid apprenticeship courses to college classes (and more!). 

“It’s been a pleasure collaborating with our local community colleges to establish these free opportunities for Pivot students to get hands-on work experience and college credits,” said Pivot Academic Counselor, Luis Portilla. “I’m excited to offer personalized support for interested students and connect them with the right programs for their passions and skills.” 

Concurrent enrollment opportunities will launch with the summer semester. Interested students and their families can learn more about the programs available at and by contacting Luis Portilla at