Choice matters. It is a cornerstone of the founding principles of our country. Choice also drives our business world, creating competition and forcing innovation. Choice is forcing a revolution in the education of your child with the introduction of charter schools. As a parent, you now have more educational options than ever.

The first charter school law was passed in 1991 in Minnesota. California was quick to follow, passing the second law in the US in 1992, thus opening the doors for choice in education. Nearly 25 years later, there are 1,230 charter schools in California that have enrolled 581,100 students.

A charter school can be likened to a one-school school district. It is a public school that is authorized by either a school district, a county office of education or the State Board of Education through a lengthy and thorough review process. The founding of a new charter school is often rooted in a group of parents who decide they want to create an alternative for their children. The group will write the charter plan describing the school’s governing structure, guiding principles and accountability measures. If the charter is approved, then the school is qualified to receive funding on a per pupil basis, just like traditional public schools. As a result, the charter school is tuition-free.

Charter schools may not discriminate in the admissions process. Like all public schools, they are nonsectarian and open to all CA residents. Students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis, or by lottery if the number of applicants exceeds the number of spots available.

The charter school movement has positively impacted our CA public students’ education. Many charter schools were formed to address the needs of students who were failing in the existing system or who were just slipping through the cracks and not achieving their goals. Charter schools were also formed as innovation labs for education, whereby innovative teaching methods and extensive use of technology in the classrooms could be tested to evaluate new approaches and tools. In addition, charter schools have created a space for forward-thinking teachers to implement unique and individualized approaches to students’ education.

Charter schools provide parents and pupils with expanded choices in the types of educational opportunities that are available within the public school system, yet they meet measurable pupil outcomes very similar to the traditional public schools.

At the cornerstone of Pivot’s success are our caring and supportive teachers. We hire passionate, credentialed teachers, ensure that our curriculum is thorough and cutting-edge, and provide numerous opportunities for our students to achieve academic success customized to their passions and talents. We work hard to educate your children because we are passionate about their success. Your child’s presence in our classroom fuels our soul.

Thank you for sharing your most precious assets with us – your children. We are committed to their education. Their success as students means our success as a charter school.