Tuition Free Program

Pivot Charter Schools are California public charter schools and are therefore free to all California residents that meet the legal requirements for attending a charter school. Students do not have to pay for the online courses or for the support they receive from the teachers at the local resource center.


Pivot Charter Schools are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Our program emphasizes a rigorous curriculum through a blended learning program of online courses, direct instruction, and individualized support at our resource centers from credentialed teachers as well as clubs, field trips, and Fun Fridays. Pivot Charter School’s online curriculum provides traditional elementary, middle and high school curriculum, numerous Advanced Placement and Honors courses, and unique electives as well as Career Technical Education courses.

Resource Center Programs

Pivot Charter Schools recognize that students working online and in independent study must have a significant level of independence or support at home in order to be successful, and not all students have that self-motivation, support, or independence. Therefore, Pivot has developed resource center programs and courses to support those students in meeting their educational goals using the online curriculum. The resource centers are also a place for socializing and engaging in fun activities.

Preview Our Curriculum

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Independent Study

Pivot Charter School is a non-classroom based independent study program in the eyes of the California Department of Education (CDE). The CDE tracks attendance for independent study programs based on the amount of work a student completes each school day coupled with the student’s daily engagement, like logging in each and every school day and engaging in learning. To meet state standards and ensure satisfactory progress, Pivot Charter School requires high school students to complete at least 5 graded assignments a day and K-8 students to complete at least 3 graded assignments a day.

Students must participate in full-time coursework; California public school students may not be enrolled in a school part-time or in two different schools at one time. Students must not be over the age of 22, and if a student is over the age of 18, they have to have been enrolled in a public school without a break and making satisfactory progress towards a high school diploma. Upon completion of the program, Pivot Charter School students graduate in a special ceremony with their fellow students enrolled in the school.

Research Based

The majority of blended-learning programs resemble one of four models: Rotation, Flex, A La Carte, and Enriched Virtual. Pivot provides both Flex and Enriched Virtual models.

Flex Model — A program in which the online learning is the backbone of student learning, even if it directs students to offline, subject specific educational activities at times. Students’ progress on an individually customized, fluid schedule among learning modalities, and the teacher of record is located at our facility, available for support. The teacher of record or other educators provide face-to-face support on a flexible and adaptive as-needed basis through activities such as small-group instruction, group projects, and some individual assistance as well as online workshops and office hours. The Pivot implementation of a Flex model has substantial face-to-face support from credentialed staff.

Enriched Virtual Model — A whole-school virtual experience in which students are learning remotely using online delivery of content and instruction for most of their classes with little support at a facility. Teachers of record are assigned to the student and also assist students through online workshops and tutorials and weekly or daily check-ins. The teacher assigned to the student engages in significant amounts of communication with the student and the family.

Pivot refers to both models as “blended” learning. While students can work virtually from home, Pivot offers both in-person and virtual classes or workshops where students can get help daily with their online curriculum. Pivot Charter School also frequently offers activities, field trips and special events to build a true school community feeling and to provide students an opportunity to socialize and make connections.

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