Dear Counselors,

Thank you for taking the time to look into alternative educational options for students you know who may need something different for their academic, social, or emotional success. Pivot strives to provide an individualized approach to education and we look forward to working with students who need a smaller environment with more focused support. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to tour the school.

Pivot Charter School

Pivot Charter School Riverside is an accredited, tuition-free public charter school with more than 11 years of excellence in hybrid learning. Our individualized support gives students a different type of education and the flexibility to work on their own schedule to ensure educational success.

What students are successful at Pivot? 

  • Students in need of a more supportive instructional setting. Our program is ideal for students who experience anxiety, bullying or feelings of being overwhelmed in a traditional classroom.
  • Students desiring accelerated or enrichment offerings. Our online courses and opportunities for concurrent college enrollment can expand school districts’ limited offerings.
  • Students needing a boost in knowledge or skills. Our individualized assessments allow teachers to meet students at their current educational level and address any learning gaps.
  • Students behind in credits. Our hybrid learning model of online curriculum coupled with instruction and support from credentialed teachers allows students to work more quickly in their stronger subjects while taking the time they need in the subjects for which they struggle.
  • Students with scheduling conflicts. The flexibility of accredited online courses with flexible scheduling creates time for extracurricular activities, necessary employment and space for supporting the family at home.
  • Homeschooled elementary students. Our students are given the opportunity at our resource center to experience art, physical education, science and hands-on projects with small groups so that they can work at home with their learning coach to master their academics.

How is Pivot different?

Pivot’s approach to working with students is to “meet them where they are,” which is VERY different from one young person to the next. Pivot wants students to learn, have the knowledge and skills to promote to the next grade level, and ultimately graduate with a high school diploma. How a student gets there should be as different as the student themselves, which is why our teachers TRULY get to know their students.

Pivot is a staff of caring adults who chose education as a career because we felt we could make a difference in your lives. We are at Pivot because it is “funky,” different, and allows us to work very closely with students to help them be successful when maybe they thought it was impossible. Or simply to help students reach some goals like going to college early or getting a certificate in welding. Pivot will do everything we can to figure out our students’ strengths and areas for growth while working to build you up and help you grow.

What curriculum does Pivot use?

Pivot’s flexible and interactive online curriculum, coupled with our resource center programs and individualized support, provides the best of several educational environments. Student progress is tracked in real time and individualized remediation is available immediately so that they can gain the skills necessary to succeed every step of the way. The curriculum utilized by Pivot is comprehensive and meets or exceeds the Common Core Standards, providing all core content, as well as foreign languages, fine and performing arts, college prep courses, Advanced Placement and Honors courses, college and career technical courses, and fun electives.

  • Accelerate Education includes many offline activities for lower grade levels that work on fine motor skills.
  • Apex Learning provides core courses including foreign language, electives, and AP and Honors courses to Pivot’s middle and high school students.
  • Edmentum, Inc. offers a wide variety of Career Technical Education courses.
  • NWEA MAP precisely measures growth and proficiency in reading, language arts, and mathematics.
  • i-Ready assesses students in reading and mathematics to create individualized instruction that students can complete in conjunction with their core coursework.
  • Lexia allows students to work independently through individualized learning paths to develop fundamental reading skills in a structured, sequential manner.
  • IXL incorporates math practice directly into all middle and high school math courses.
  • YouScience uses measures of aptitudes to uncover students’ natural talents, match them to careers, and give them personalized feedback on how their abilities can be utilized in school, work and life.

What are students and parents saying about Pivot?

“My son loves that there is no time wasted on “busy work” that takes up so much of a standard school day. For a kid with ADHD and only so much bandwidth to focus, he found it frustrating to use up that energy on tasks that seem designed to fill time or drill on skills he’d already mastered. We love Pivot!” – Parent

Parent July 20, 2021

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How can I learn more about Pivot?

We’d love to tell you more about Pivot and what we can offer students!

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