Pivot Charter Schools fosters a nurturing and adaptable learning atmosphere, where students can not only thrive academically but also discover their passions. This transformative journey is exemplified by the experiences of Pivot North Bay graduate Blake Morris and Pivot Riverside graduate Ariel Buczynski.

Blake Morris, a sixteen-year-old graduate of Pivot North Bay, found himself at a crossroads unsure of his next steps. Driven by a desire to make a difference in the world and help others, Blake sought guidance from Educational Coordinator Travis Prendergast, who played a pivotal role in steering him toward success. Recognizing Blake’s aspirations in nursing, Travis connected him with tailored educational opportunities, including Junior College courses, that accelerated his path to graduation and set the groundwork for his next endeavors.

“I remember telling Travis that I was interested in pursuing a career in nursing and he immediately pointed me in the direction of Pivot and Junior College classes that would lay the foundation for my journey into the medical field,” said Blake. “Traditional schooling usually does not provide courses tailored to career fields, but Pivot did, and it made all the difference in preparing me for my future.” 

Similarly, Ariel Buczynski, a graduate of Pivot Riverside, found the support and guidance that empowered her to overcome obstacles and learn that her dreams are within reach. Passionate about music, theater and performing, Ariel found comfort in the creative exploration facilitated by her Educational Coordinator, Gustavo Muñoz.

“As a person with disabilities, Pivot has helped me learn how to navigate through a unique set of challenges,” said Ariel. “I have grown immensely throughout my seven years here and it is difficult to put into words how grateful I am to have teachers like Gustavo who genuinely care and want to see me succeed.”    

At Pivot, aspirations evolve into tangible achievements, guided by a welcoming learning environment and culture of empowerment. In the unique atmosphere that Pivot fosters, students like Blake and Ariel are equipped with resources and support to pursue the endless possibilities that await them beyond the classroom.