2016_7.9_Pivot_8page_insert_Final_EditedSizing.inddJennifer graduated from Pivot Charter School in June, 2015. She attended Pivot for three years.

Jennifer’s family was looking for homeschooling support for Jennifer and her sister. They moved around quite a bit, so homeschooling was a better option for their family than traditional school. When they visited Pivot, they knew it was the right fit for their family. “I loved Pivot right from the start,” Jennifer said. “The program was tailored for me. I was able to take higher level courses when I needed more of a challenge, and work at my own pace, which prepared me really well for college.”

Since graduation, Jennifer has been attending Santa Rosa Junior College. She will be attending a semester abroad program at Oxford University in England this summer to study creative writing. She plans to transfer either to Oxford or to UC Berkeley to complete her undergraduate degree, then to work toward a PhD in forensics. Her ultimate career goal is to work in forensic science for law enforcement. “I spent some of my childhood in Los Angeles, where I saw a lot of crime. I want to go into law enforcement and fight crime to create a safer environment for the next generation,” Jennifer said.