Jennifer Cuthbertson moved to California from Nevada when she was in 11th grade. Her mom, Leslie, did not want Jennifer and her sister, Jessica, to have to attend a new school in the middle of the year, so she turned to Pivot to ensure her daughters were staying on track to complete high school on time.

“Initially, I was nervous about the transition from physically attending school to completing school online,” said Jennifer, “From the first day at Pivot, I received an overwhelming amount of support from my peers, teachers and staff, and felt welcomed.”

Jennifer appreciated the flexibility that came with attending Pivot and felt as though it helped her develop critical time management skills, which assisted her in college. Additionally, Pivot allowed her to take all the intensive and AP classes that she wanted to.

This past May, Jennifer graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors from Boise State University’s Honors College in Anthropology. Additionally, she was chosen as the valedictorian for the Honor school graduating class. While in college, she studied abroad at Oxford University for one semester. Additionally, she spent time in New Mexico, where she worked for Boise State’s graduate advisor, Professor Pei-Lin Yu, as a research assistant, researching and writing a guide book.

Jennifer’s younger sister, Jessica Cuthbertson, is also a Pivot graduate. She is currently attending Boise State University this fall. She plans on pursuing a career as an author and editor. “The guidance and support I received while I was a student at Pivot inspired my love of English and Creative Writing”, Jessica said.

Both sisters are grateful for their experiences at Pivot. “The teachers, staff and educational model of Pivot Charter school played a large role in preparing me for success in college,” said Jessica. “I am still in touch with my friends and teachers and am fortunate to be able to continue to count on support from my Pivot family,” said Jennifer.

“The structure, wonderful staff and comprehensive setup of Pivot Charter School has played a key role in the success both Jennifer and Jessica have had and continued to have in their pursuits of higher education,” said Leslie Cuthbertson, “Pivot was the right choice for our family, and we will always be grateful to them!”