Savannah Robinson graduated (early) from Pivot North Bay in March 2021 after taking control of her education by starting at Pivot during her sophomore year of high school. 

When the social and educational culture at Savannah’s traditional high school started to cause unnecessary distractions and stress, she began considering other options for high school. After finally convincing her mother to visit Pivot, they both knew Pivot’s flexible learning environment would be the best place for Savannah to thrive. 

“When we first went to Pivot, we really noticed how welcoming and friendly everyone is,” Savannah said. “We liked that the Educational Coordinators really support their students and want to make sure you stay on top of your work. They really made me feel like they wanted me there as a student.” 

Officially a Pivot student, Savannah was able to not only improve her grades but also be able to take classes at the local junior college and continue working for her family friend’s optical business. Since each Pivot student has online access to their classes and outstanding assignments all the time, Savannah used the flexibility of her education to get ahead of her schoolwork.

Savannah graduated this year, 15 months before she would have graduated at her former high school. Going forward, Savannah will be taking more classes at the junior college this summer in hopes of pursuing a career as a teacher. 

“Going to Pivot showed me how helpful a great teacher can really be,” Savannah said. “I want to help students, be a good teacher and make an impact in kids’ lives.”