Kelli Crawford, currently a junior at Pivot Riverside, transformed her high school experience when she became a Pivot Charter School student at the beginning of her sophomore year. 

Kelli Crawford working on a laptopWhereas the traditional high school Kelli had attended was chaotic and anxiety-inducing for her, Pivot’s unique blended educational program now provides Kelli with a more comfortable and flexible learning environment. 

“My anxiety during my freshman year had gotten so bad that I couldn’t even attend classes on campus anymore,” said Kelli, who primarily completes coursework at home with support from her resource center as needed. “Being able to work at home, away from all of the chaos, has helped a lot.”

As a virtual student, Kelli enjoys the benefits of a comfortable school environment while still feeling connected to her resource center and Educational Coordinators.

“My favorite thing about being a student at Pivot is that the resource center is small and I always have easy access to the teachers. My Educational Coordinator Mr. Brier always responds to me quickly and lets the teachers at the resource center know ahead of time if I’m going in for help,” Kelli said. “The teachers at Pivot are always willing to help and have always been very accommodating to my needs regarding my anxiety when I go in.”

Kelli is excelling in her self-paced coursework and is now on track to graduate from high school a semester early.

“When I look back at where I was when I first started at Pivot my sophomore year, I would have never guessed that I would do as well as I have,” she said.

Kelli is now a passionate believer in the benefits of virtual learning and encourages other students to consider various types of schools to find a program that works best for them.

“Anyone can be successful with the virtual learning program as long as you are self disciplined and keep to a set schedule as much as possible,” Kelli said. “I just want kids who are struggling with a regular school setting to know that there are other options.”