Pivot Charter School Riverside, a tuition-free public charter school, is expanding its elementary resource center program to four days per week. The blended learning in our resource center and our online program previously offered a 2-day per week resource center option. In response to the success of the program and parent requests, however, the program will begin offering additional elementary resource center support on January 4th, following the winter recess.

The expanded elementary program will provide more time for hands-on projects, small group interaction and one-on-one academic support and tutoring. Adding resource center days to the elementary curriculum provides greater educational opportunities for Pivot students. “Pivot is a 21st century school that is committed to producing students capable of thriving in modern society,” said Jayna Gaskell, Executive Director. “The Pivot blended learning environment gives us the flexibility to respond to parent feedback and continuously improve the educational opportunities for our students. This daily program not only offers greater flexibility for working parents, but also means more choice for parents in educational options for their kids.”

The elementary four-day –a-week program is available for students in grades K-5, in addition to the highly successful 6th-12th grade five-day-a-week program. The expanded elementary program will run from 12:30 pm to 3:30 and supplement the daily homeschool online learning program. The elementary classroom program is augmented with field trip opportunities for enrolled students.

Pivot Charter School Riverside is a tuition-free public charter school for grades K-12. Pivot offers an online curriculum with resource center support. Students receive one-on-one tutoring, small group interaction and individualized instruction based on their learning needs. For more information, please call 951-280-0229 or visit www.pivotriverside.com.