Pivot students are already making strides in the Reading Intervention Program following its initial launch last fall. The program connects students with individualized attention from a reading specialist, provides them with reading support tools, and advances reading levels through specialized reading courses. 

Upon enrollment at Pivot, each student participates in diagnostic tests that help identify a student’s academic strengths and gaps. One of the components of this testing is the Lexile score, which shows a student’s current reading level. Pivot uses the Lexile score to assist in determining if the Reading Intervention Program would be a beneficial tool to support students who may need additional assistance to read at their grade level, and to act as a benchmark for improvements in reading skills. 

From Fall assessments to Winter assessments, students who participated in Pivot’s Reading Intervention Program grew an average of 65.4 in their Lexile score. Typical growth for a students’ Lexile score is roughly 100 points year to year. With just a few months between the Pivot testing, an increase of 65.4 points shows great improvement. From this data, we anticipate that the students’ growth and reading comprehension for the entire year will exceed the typical 100 points. 

“It’s exciting to see so much improvement in our student’s reading skills already, and it’s even more exciting to see it boost their confidence and overall academic progress,” said Lindsey Vining, Director of Systems and Accountability at Pivot. “We look forward to seeing how students taking advantage of the Reading Intervention Program keep growing in the Spring.” 

Through the Reading Intervention Program, students receive aid in small groups and one-on-one meetings with Pivot’s Reading Intervention Specialist. This leverages Pivot’s unique ability to meet each student where they are at and provide attention to a student’s specific needs. 

“It’s great to see the data support what we already know – Pivot’s tailored approach to learning helps our students succeed,” said Executive Director Jayna Gaskell. “We are very impressed with how our students in the program have advanced their reading goals, which, ultimately, helps them succeed in all of their classes.