Meet Ms. Robin, the San Diego Elementary Lead! Ms. Robin started as an Elementary Educational Coordinator five years ago and has been with Pivot ever since.

Ms. Robin received her Master’s Degree in Education from National University in San Diego and has experience teaching in both public and private schools. After enrolling her own children in a local charter school, she realized her love for the freedom and creativity that comes with charter school education. She made the switch to Pivot and hasn’t looked back.

“Pivot uses curriculum and creates an environment that focuses on the students’ personal enrichment,” said Ms. Robin. “This experience is something that is unique to Pivot and, I believe, is extremely beneficial to students’ early development.”

The Pivot San Diego elementary class meets two days a week on campus or for a field trip and two days a week online, completing work guided by a family member or learning coach at home. The online curriculum leads the students through typical core classes such as math, science, english and history, while the in-person days are focused on extra enrichment activities. 

Some of the experiences that Ms. Robin has helped orchestrate for the San Diego elementary program include taking trips to the San Diego Archeology Center, meeting with staff from the Birch Aquarium, visiting the Museum of Making Music and taking nature hikes around the San Diego area. While the trips change from year to year, all the activities are focused on hands-on education and community building. 

Community building is a core value at Pivot, and Ms. Robin ensures that it starts in the elementary classes. During the days when the students are online, Ms. Robin incorporates  fun activities, like “Lunch Time, Story Time,” to keep them engaged. During “Lunch Time, Story Time,” each student can tell their classmates a story about what they are having for lunch – enriching the whole class with unique tales about their classmates and their families’ cultures through food.

Ms. Robin also leads weekly workshops for parents to help create a stronger sense of community and deepen their homeschool practices. 

“It is wonderful to have dedicated time with the parents and families each week to get to know them better and help create a more personalized and tailored curriculum for the students,” remarked Ms. Robin. “I love being able to partner with the parents and families to create amazing educational experiences for our students.”

SD Elementary class