As the end of another school year comes to a close, students and families at Pivot Charter Schools eagerly await upcoming graduation ceremonies. These special events are an important occasion and fill us with bittersweet memories and emotions. We will miss the class of 2024, yet we are pleased to celebrate them as they take a big step into the next chapter of their lives!

Graduation remains a time-honored tradition for all students, but for those at Pivot Charter Schools, it represents much more than a diploma and the turning of a tassel. The Pivot rose ceremony, unique to our school, adds a special touch to our graduation celebrations. During the ceremony, each graduate presents a rose of gratitude to an individual who has played a significant role in their educational journey. Each graduate may also share their reason behind honoring that individual. This extension of gratitude is a testament to the power of connection and support within the Pivot community.

“As our graduating seniors stand at the start of new beginnings, let us remember the wise words of Jennifer Garner: ‘Fight for what makes you optimistic about the world. Find it, insist on it, dig into it, go after it,’” said Jayna Gaskell, Executive Director. “In embodying this spirit, may you chart your own paths with resilience and passion and above all else, the limitless potential they have within.”   

This year’s graduation ceremony will take place at Norco Community College at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 30.

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