Elementary Education at Pivot

Pivot started an elementary program three years ago at its North Bay, Riverside and San Diego campuses. The program has evolved and grown, particularly in the past year, and many families are finding success using the program as a way to homeschool their students but still partciipate in social and educational activities with other students […]

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Pivot Tests New Curriculum

Pivot Charter School has been testing a new assessment and remediation curriculum over the past year, i-Ready, and there has been a lot of positive feedback on it from our parents. i-Ready is a Math and Language Arts curriculum. It assesses the students to see what they know and do not know, and determines where […]

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Teacher Spotlight – Gail Gonzalez Coloyan

Gail Gonzalez Coloyan is a middle school and high school EC at Pivot San Diego specializing in Mathematics. This is her first year teaching at Pivot. She found Pivot because she was interested in our diverse population of students and in being able to help give the extra time and attention to the students who […]

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Special Education at Pivot

Pivot Charter School offers a customized program with small group and one-on-one instruction. Our general education program is very similar to special education programs in traditional schools as we offer the opportunity to re-take tests, additional time to complete assignments, and the ability for students to work at their own pace. Our special education program […]

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Teacher Spotlight, Gus Muñoz

Gus Muñoz is passionate about teaching and helping kids. This is his second year teaching at Pivot Charter School. Previously, he worked as a special education and substitute teacher in Orange County, while also working as a juvenile corrections officer for the Orange County Probation Department. From the time he was a young adult, Gus […]

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Meet Bryan – A Proud Pivot Student

Bryan is an 8th grader at Pivot Charter School, and is excited to start the high school program next year. Bryan is loving Pivot and finding success there both academically and socially.

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Pivot Teacher, or Superhero?

At Pivot, we call our teachers Educational Coordinators, or EC’s. That’s because they work tirelessly to lay out an educational path for each student and keep their students on that path throughout the year. Our EC’s use the full resources of Pivot to meet the educational needs of our students.

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