Meet Chloe, A Proud Pivot Student

Chloe is a 9th grade student at Pivot Charter School. She is completing her first year at Pivot and she and her mom, Jennifer, couldn’t be more pleased with the program. Chloe is a television actress and leads a very busy life. Her schedule includes filming episodes of “True Blood”, as well as multiple appearances […]

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Meet Bryan – A Proud Pivot Student

Bryan is an 8th grader at Pivot Charter School, and is excited to start the high school program next year. Bryan struggled with organization at his traditional middle school – he had trouble remembering to turn in his assignments on time and frequently lost work that he had done. He experienced some bullying at his […]

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Meet Jennifer, A Proud Pivot Graduate

Jennifer graduated from Pivot Charter School in June, 2015. She attended Pivot for three years. Jennifer’s family was looking for homeschooling support for Jennifer and her sister. They moved around quite a bit, so homeschooling was a better option for their family than traditional school. When they visited Pivot, they knew it was the right […]

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Pivot Teacher, or Superhero?

At Pivot, we call our teachers Educational Coordinators, or EC’s. That’s because they work tirelessly to lay out an educational path for each student and keep their students on that path throughout the year. Our EC’s use the full resources of Pivot to meet the educational needs of our students. Has your son fallen behind in […]

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Pivot Initiatives

In an effort to create a more challenging, robust, stimulating and interesting educational environment, Pivot Charter School is initiating several new programs in the 2016-2017 school year. Pivot is excited to bring these new and invigorating nontraditional enterprises to our students. Project Based Learning Project Based Learning will be implemented to either replace or supplement […]

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Meet Susan, A Proud Pivot Parent

Susan adopted her daughter Yessie at age 12 out of the foster care system. Yessie had been bounced around to a number of different homes and was in need of a more permanent situation. So Susan, having no parental experience whatsoever, took her in and gave her a stable home life, something she desperately needed. […]

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Pivot Riverside 2016 Graduation

On Friday, June 10, 2016, the Pivot Riverside senior class received their diplomas in a beautiful graduation ceremony at the Circle City Center in Corona. Friends and family were on hand to celebrate as teachers, staff and the Board of Directors honored the graduates one by one.

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Meet Nathan!

Meet Nathan, a 6th grader at Pivot North Valley. This is Nathan’s first year at Pivot, as his family moved to the Chico area last summer. Nathan is passionate about animals and music, and he also enjoys reading. Nathan has a big heart and loves taking care of animals. His cat Leo has been a part […]

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Charter Schools 101

  Choice matters. It is a cornerstone of the founding principles of our country. Choice also drives our business world, creating competition and forcing innovation. Choice is forcing a revolution in the education of your child with the introduction of charter schools. As a parent, you now have more educational options than ever. The first […]

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